AirBaits Tackle signs on as a Southern Fishing News sponsor

Southern Fishing News has announced AirBAIT Tackle has joined the team of quality sponsors.

AirBaits Tackle is a plastic lure manufacturer based in Indianapolis, IN. The company presently produces a line of six suspending baits- AirRig; AirBait, AirWorm, AirBubbler, GameChanger, and the AirCraw.

Derrick Holmes, owner and developer of the unique line of plastic baits, said, “I started the company trying to make a soft, suspending jerkbait. I developed my plastic over a couple of years. I got the best plastic I wanted and turned AirBaits into a line of unique, suspending lures using a patent pending process.”

The proprietary manufacturing process Holmes refers to is called “MC Technology” which produces a super buoyant soft plastic. “Our unique process results in baits that actually ‘lift’ when at rest. The jerkbait we developed is a super slow falling plastic lure that takes nine seconds to fall five inches,” Holmes added.

The developer noted there are videos posted on the company’s Facebook page,, so anglers can see the suspending action of the AirBaits. The company will be launching their online store, at, May first at midnight. AirBaits can also be contacted in the meantime via email at

Holmes added that the company’s slogan is, “The future is here. Who’s ready.”

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