Fishing with Steve D new Southern Fishing News sponsor

Southern Fishing News announced today that the Fishing with the Steve D brand of lures has signed on as the newest sponsor.

Ron McDonald, editor and publisher of Southern Fishing News said, “Great to have the addition of Fishing with Steve D to our team of sponsors. The new sponsor has added a new lure to their line of products, the Ghost Shaker, which will be the initial, primary product the sponsor will promote with Southern Fishing News.”

Steve Davies, owner of Fishing with Steve D, says, “Our new lure design incorporates a clear, perspex, ghost bib and could be a real fishing game-changer.”

The new Ghost Shaker.

Davies says the unique, clear bib on his line of vibrating Ghost Shaker jigs sends out a totally different vibration fish haven’t heard before. Davies noted, “We worked very hard to design a lure that generated a unique “pulse” than other lures on the market.”

The new lure design has better hook setting abilities with the Davies Double-Assist Hooks that will catch even the finicky fish. An extra single hook is also provided for anglers who like to attach a soft plastic paddle tail or creature bait trailer.

… clear bib on his line of vibrating Ghost Shaker jigs
sends out a totally different vibration
fish haven’t heard before.

A new longer center ribbon incorporated in the lure’s 50 strand silicone skirt swims tantalizingly just behind the Davies Double-Assist Hooks. The silicone skirts are available in a variety of colors that catch fish and not fishermen! Take a look at some of the colors at the bottom of the page).

Davies said, “The regular price of the Ghost Shaker is $18.95. But for a limited time, I am offering a special price of $11.00!” The discount runs thru July 31, 2020, and is good for the Ghost Shaker in 1/2 ounce and 5/8-ounce sizes.

After 45 years of fine-tuning, Davies says has something truly special to offer all anglers around the world. 

The Ghost Shaker is available thru the brand’s Facebook page,, and email,

Fishing with Steve D complete line of products;
– Ghost Shaker 1/2 & 5/8 ounce sizes (Extra single hook included)
– SSS super strong stretchy Paddle Tail Grub Swimbaits in 5cm./1.9685″, 6cm/2.36” and soon 10cm/3.93”
– Flutter Slug Spoons in 20gr./0.705oz., 30gr./1.05oz., 40gr./1.41oz.
– Davies Double Assist Hooks
– Arrowhead Jig Heads in 3.5gr./0.12oz., 5gr./0.17oz., 7gr./0.24oz., 10gr./0.35oz., 14gr./0.49oz. 20gr./0.70oz.
– Spin Jig Heads twin packs in 6gr./0.21oz., 9gr./0.32oz., 14gr./0.49oz.
– Fishing with Steve D T-shirts and fishing shirts







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