Product News- The Best Rigging for Today’s New 36V Trolling Motors

For anglers or recreational boaters running today’s newest brushed or brushless, direct-drive, and more powerful 12-, 24-, and 36-volt bow-mount trolling motors, Connect-Ease is proud to introduce the Connect-Ease 2.0 PRO Trolling Motor Connection systems w/and w/o Onboard Charging.

These feature heavier-duty 6-gauge wire (a power requirement change over the previous 8-gauge) and many other engineering advances. 

For 36-volt trolling motors like the new Minn Kota QUEST Series, Garmin Force Kraken,  Lowrance GHOST, Power-Pole MOVE, Rhodan HD GPS, Newport Vessels NV, and MotorGuide Tour Pro, the Connect-Ease 2.0 36V Series PRO Trolling Motor Connection Kit W/Onboard Charging is incredibly easy-to-install, protects your investment, and offers peace of mind while fishing mission-critical, tournament or big water situations.

But you don’t have to be a pro angler to utilize the new Connect-Ease 2.0 kit—any boater who simply wants his boat or pontoon to work perfectly every time on the water—will benefit from the Connect-Ease 2.0 Pro 36V Series Trolling Motor Connection Kit W/Onboard Charging.

What’s Included: NEW Connect-Ease 2.0 Pro 36 36V Trolling Motor/Charger Kit

The Connect-Ease 2.0 PRO 36V Trolling Motor/Charger Kit includes three 12-volt battery series connections and leads to connect both your bow-mount trolling motor and charging leads.

While the components could be considered over-engineered, Connect-Ease 2.0’s mission was to provide a no-fail power distribution network no matter what kind of on-the-water situations you encounter, from fishing the Great Lakes or heavy current river fisheries to a weekend off work relaxing on the pontoon at the cabin.

Fact: Believe it or not, many boat manufacturers, dealers, and riggers do not use marine-grade wire…

On the contrary, every Connect-Ease 2.0 PRO 36V Series Pro Trolling Motor Connection Kit w/Onboard Charging includes thick, efficient, and long-lasting 6-gauge (AWG) marine-grade tinned copper wire and components that protect from corrosion, electrolysis, and fatigue due to boat vibration and flexing in waves and wind. Heavy-duty insulation offers additional heat, cold, abrasion, and vibration resistance.

Connect-Ease 6-gauge (AWG) marine-grade wire exceeds all UL 1426 U.S. Coast Guard Charter Boat and ABYC standards, something we didn’t have to do but did.

While it cost us more at the onset, we built these professional components into the new kit anyway because we wanted all anglers and boaters to benefit from the same, pro-grade materials we use in our own 36-volt trolling motor rigging for problem-free operation in critical fishing and boating situations—from big league tournaments to hard-earned time-off-work for on-water relaxation.

Additionally, the Connect-Ease 2.0 36V Series PRO Trolling Motor Connection Kit w/Onboard Charging includes a 60 amp Resettable Circuit Breaker and Negative Connection Block with direct connection leads and heat-shrinkable butt splices to quickly and securely connect the kit to chargers manufactured by Minn Kota, NoCo, PowerPole, Battery Tender, Dakota Lithium and countless others. 

The result for the angler/boater?

You’ll never have to worry about your 36-volt trolling motor being powered correctly again with Connect-Ease 2.0.

Whether you’re running a high-output Minn Kota, Garmin, Lowrance, PowerPole, or MotorGuide 24- and 36-volt trolling motors, what you get with the Connect-Ease 2.0 12-, 24-, and 36V Series Pro Trolling Motor Connection Kits w/Onboard Charging is pure, clean power from your batteries to the trolling motor and charger, end of story.

Talking specs, the new Connect-Ease 2.0 36V Series PRO Trolling Motor Connection Kit w/Onboard Charging will distribute and manage up to 150 amps of power.

Whether you’re going to rig a new boat, re-rig an older boat, or seek out marine professionals to help you switch out trolling motor batteries, power distribution, and marine electronics for the season, Connect-Ease products promise problem-free operation of today’s latest and greatest, from today’s more powerful and advanced trolling motors to forward-facing sonar technologies.

We like to say: “More time fishing, less time rigging.” 

Connect-Ease® 2.0 PRO 24, Pro 36 Trolling Connection Kits provides anglers with quick, easy, and reliable rigging systems (w/onboard charging) for today’s newest 12-, 24-, and 36-volt trolling motors and lithium or AGM batteries.


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