Alabama Fish Consumption Advisories 2019

The Alabama Department of Public Health has issued an updated Alabama Fish Consumption Advisories for 2019. There are some very important fish consumption advisories such as “eat not fish at all” from certain creeks/tributaries due to mercury and/or PFOS and PFOA which are considered cancer-causing chemicals that do not deteriorate over time in water. The PFOS and PFOA chemicals tend to be stored in fish and accumulate in humans as well per EPA studies.

Included in this posting are the advisory charts for Alabama Area 1. At the bottom of these posted charts is a link to the entire State Advisory in PDF format,

Alabama Fish Consumption Advisories 2019

Created by the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH), in cooperation with
the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM), and the
Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR), and the
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)



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  1. Don Gowen says:

    Governmental agencies such as ADPH and ADEM are now starting to step up to the bar exposing contamination of our river. It has been said the Alabama AG has interest in the matter. Mayor Tab Bowling of Decatur has indicated the city will conduct independent tests and studies of suspected contaminated areas resulting in transparent disclosure to the public and citizens of our area and state – and ACTION taken to resolve the issue. It is about time we had a comprehensive investigation and effective remedial action to address the contamination and pollution of our river and land areas – with the folks that did the pollution and contamination paying the costs. They need to be held accountable.