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SFN Student Angler Series “Bass Color Vision”

This presentation is a re-formatted and illustrated version of a popular post on our website, Bass Can Only Recognize Certain Colors. The post has been seen by over 45,000 readers so I thought a version of that article would be beneficial to student anglers and even bass club meetings,

Ron McDonald
Editor & Publisher
Southern Fishing News

Power and Affordable, Hassle-Free Rigging Solutions-No Sparks, No Arcs

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In the early 1970s, Cal Munkvold, hardcore angler, shooting sports expert/instructor, and hunter, grew up in Dakota farm country and learned at a very young age how to improvise fixes on broken equipment and machinery to keep things running smooth.

Forsyth County Angler Reels in a State Record Tie

The state fish record for yellow perch is tied.

Angler Emerson Mulhall of Cumming, GA . Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources photo

Lay goes ‘straight to the dirt’ to win Martin qualifier

Story & Original Photos By Greg McCain
Alabama B.A.S.S. Nation

Tuscaloosa angler Joe Lay has traveled to Lake Martin for years and accumulated plenty of intel on the sprawling Tallapoosa River reservoir.

One thing he knows well: When he finds muddy conditions on the lake, especially on the lower end, he can anticipate where the fish will be located. That information proved invaluable Saturday (Feb. 18) in the first Alabama B.A.S.S. Nation qualifier of 2024.

Joe Lay-First Place Boater.

Your Brand and Product’s Bass Angler Exposures Could Be Flying High!

The more bass fishermen see your name and products the better your odds of making a sale in the tackle shop. In the advertising business, this is called “share of mind” and “brand recognition”.

Huge 16-3 bass caught literally with hands

Ron McDonald, Editor & Publisher Southern Fishing News

The 16-3 caught by hand (I guess “caught” is the right word) was just shy of the Alabama record for a largemouth bass. The record bass stands at 16 lbs., 8 oz., and was caught in 1987 by Thomas (T. M.) Burgin from View Lake in Shelby County.

Sommers and Pelt win ABT Lake Jordan

By Jason Duran

The 2024 season of The Alabama Bass Trail began at Lake Jordan for the south division. 225 teams competed for a for an increased payday of $15,000 for first Place. Teams reported having a tough practice but were expecting to catch the quality 4-pound bites needed to win this event.

Eric Sommers and Robbie Pelt. ABT photo

Angler Wins Grand Prize For The 2023 Georgia Bass Slam

Anglers that succeed in earning a Georgia Bass Slam already have earned an accomplishment plus they get some fun rewards, but it’s even more exciting when you win the Grand Prize for the 2023 Bass Slam!

Jason McRae of Duluth, GA

Montevallo Moves To Number One

Bass Pro Shops School of the Year presented by Abu Garcia

The Association of Collegiate Anglers announces the latest update to the standings for the 2023-24 Bass Pro Shops School of the Year presented by Abu Garcia. This is college fishing’s only all-encompassing National Rankings system, and the race for this year’s title is just now past the halfway mark of the season. 

Keep Fish Lively & Releasable

EGO Fishing’s conservation-driven Tournament Weigh-In Bag is a leak-proof must-have.

 Tournament season is approaching. From club derbies to professional tournaments, anglers are already hitting the water to prefish.