Alabama Fresh Water Fish Attractor Locations

The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is providing GPS waypoints, map, and/or Excel file for the locations of freshwater fish attractors.

Anglers can save the files below to their SD cards and upload directly into their fish finder/GPS unit. To download, right-click the file and choose “Save as,” then save it to your computer, SD or microSD card. Once the file is saved to your card, insert your card into your fish finder/GPS unit and follow directions according to your specific manufacturer. **See extra step below for Humminbird users**. You then should be able to view these fish attractor locations on your GPS/fish finder/chartplotter map.

GPX file for Garmin units
USR file for Lowrance & Simrad units
HWR file for Humminbird units **Please note that Humminbird users will need to create a folder in their SD card, name the folder “matrix,” then put the .HWR file into the matrix folder. This is necessary in order for Humminbird fish finders to read (recognize) the file.**

Freshwater Fish Attractors – Updated list of freshwater fish attractors in an Excel file.
KML file for opening with Google Earth

To view locations on the Interactive Map, open the map, expand the “Fishing” tab and toggle “Freshwater Fish Attractors.”  More fish attractor locations can be found on the Alabama Power Shorelines website at

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