Anatomy of Southern Fishing News

Southern Fishing News was originally established in the 70’s with a fishing television show called “Southern Fishing.” The next generation was “Southern Fishing Publications.” A huge website was put online later and a bass fishing, print newspaper was published. Our roots also took a side trip doing cartoons for Bassmaster Magazine and another national bass fishing magazine. Hopefully Southern Fishing News is the last name modification. As Southern Fishing News we have added readers and Internet presence since that time and continue to grow.

We would like to give you some details of where we are now since you have just got to know before heading out to the ramp.

If you know anything about us you know we are located in the heart of some serious bass fishing with Lake Guntersville, Smith Lake, Wheeler Lake, Wilson Lake and Pickwick Lake just an easy drive away.

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Our “flagship” is our website, The heaviest visited page on the site is the news page. Visitors to this page has 432 stories to read and search thru. The most recent stories appear at the top of the page. Older stories, by date, are available with the click of a link at the bottom of the page. The sites record number of impressions was over 8,000 in one month!

website on laptopAnother news outlet we have is Facebook of course. Stories posted on our website are previewed here as well as some photos and news not found on our website. Our page currently has 3,517 Friends and 716 people following. Friend requests run from normally 5 to 15 a day. Let’s have a party!

Our LinkedIn outlet also features new story previews. This Internet presence has 1,319 connections and an untold number of readers of the previews. These connections are primarily business professionals.

Of course, if you are on the Internet you got to be publishing news and information on Google+. Somehow we managed to establish two Google+ accounts, Publisher, SouthernFishingNews and Southernfishingnews. Our Google+ performs the same functions as our other outlets featuring story previews with hyperlinks. Around 13,194 views of our Google+ postings.

And who could get along without Twitter. Our “handle” on Twitter is @southfishnews. Twitter is the newest of out outlets. Here you will see the story name, link and a story photo. We have posted 472 “tweets” to date.

We also have a YouTube video page. This distribution page is a fairly new presence for us on the “net” featuring event videos. More fishing and event videos will be added as we work to establish a bigger selection to view.

sf featured in graphicAnd last but not least in our Email News. News, information, photos and selected stories with hyperlinks to our website are sent to approximately 2000 individuals and fishing industry companies. Email News was actually our first method of getting bass fishing stories out.

Finally, our presence on the Internet is made possible by some great sponsors. Any information on Southern Fishing News must include our quality sponsorships and a list giving them appropriate credit. In no particular order they are:
Alabama B.A.S.S. Nation (, Daiichi Hooks (, Slider Lures (, Neese Waterfront Real Estate (, Hammer Fishing Rods (, West End Outdoors (, Lew’s Fishing (,V-T2(, Fliptail Lures (, Bass Assassin Lures (, Hydrowave (, and T-H Marine (

You will find these sponsors featured on every page of our website and other places as well.



Well, that’s a quick run through on Southern Fishing News. We hope most of you made it this far. 🙂 If you would like more information or have a question please feel free to email us at: [email protected].

Go fishing, send us your photos/news and most importantly, wear those PFD’s.



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