B.A.S.S. Acquired by Anderson Media Corp.

Anderson Media Corp., a 100-year-old family business founded in Alabama, has acquired a majority interest in B.A.S.S., LLC, the world’s largest fishing organization, the company announced today.


(Photo: B.A.S.S./Seigo Saito)

Anderson Media has been an investor in B.A.S.S. for several years. It increased its share of the company Tuesday, and, in a statement released today, it promised “business as usual” for B.A.S.S., which celebrates its 50th anniversary next year.

The company will continue to operate with Bruce Akin as CEO and the current owners involved in the business.

Chase Anderson, a fourth generation shareholder of the Anderson Companies and director of Anderson Media and B.A.S.S., and an avid outdoorsman, will join B.A.S.S. fulltime.

“This will provide seamless continuity for B.A.S.S. and those connected with it,” said Anderson. “For the fishing professionals, the loyal sponsors and advertisers and, most importantly, the millions of people nationwide who love this sport, things will both remain as they are and continue to improve.”

B.A.S.S. headquarters will remain in Birmingham, and JM Outdoors, its television and video production arm, will continue to operate out of Little Rock, Ark.

“During the past several years as an investor in B.A.S.S., we have had a chance to get to know B.A.S.S. and the bass fishing industry, and we feel so strongly about B.A.S.S. and the industry that we decided to acquire a controlling interest in B.A.S.S.,” Anderson added. “We are excited about the long-term growth potential for the B.A.S.S. business.”

“The family-owned Anderson Companies share the same roots and principles as B.A.S.S. and will provide new opportunities for growth thanks to their internet marketing, consumer products brand representation and retail services experience,” Akin said. “They are dedicated to the same objectives that have guided the previous B.A.S.S. owners, Don Logan, Jerry McKinnis and Jim Copeland. When they bought B.A.S.S. in 2010, they were intent upon strengthening the company and growing the sport of bass fishing, and they’ve been successful. Anderson Media plans to continue to build upon those achievements.”

“The Anderson companies have a century of business expertise, particularly in marketing,” said Anderson. “We believe we can apply that expertise in ways that will help B.A.S.S. and the sport itself grow and prosper.”

Logan, who has been a friend and business associate of the Anderson family for more than 30 years, believes B.A.S.S. is in good hands. “They have a long-term strategy to help the companies they acquire achieve their full potential,” he said. “They do business like we do.”


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  1. Don Gowen says:

    Been there for almost 45 years – from the days of ole friend Ray Scott. A lot of water has crossed the dam during this period but the organization has remained dedicated to its mission……serving and supporting the bass angler. Hated to see Ray and a lot of other folks go during these years but the core principal staff has remained strong and dedicated. Seven years is a long time in a life time but our THANKS to Don Logan, Jerry Mckinnis, and Jim Copeland for keeping the organization “between the banks of the stream” and maintaining and enhancing B.A.S.S. growth. Bass anglers all over the world will keep a sharp eye out for the new ANDERSON leadership and wish SUCCESS in ever endeavor on our behalf.