B.A.S.S. Nation changing tournament format and more

Changes on ABN State Level:
With all the changes happening on the B.A.S.S. Nation National level, ABN had to adjust for the 2015 tournament year.

  • B.A.S.S. Open style—Angler/Co-Angler format: B.A.S.S. has said that teams must be qualified this way.
  • Entry Fees: No-boater/Co-Angler fee will be $110 per ABN tournament; Boater/Angler fee will be $140 per ABN tournament. If you have already paid, please make your additional payments.
  • Separate Payouts: Anglers compete against other Anglers and Co-Anglers compete against other Co-Anglers.
  • Boater/Angler will have control of the boat: No-boater/Co-Angler is not obligated but may help with boat expenses. To insure equal competition between Co-Anglers, they may NOT fish from the front of the boat.

All sportsmanship rules apply. Angler must not hinder or impede the Co-Angler’s ability to fish or catch fish in any way.

We plan to have an award for total boat weight.

State Team Composition:

Top angler and co-angler from each of the four qualifiers 8
Non-boater and boater Angler of the Year 2
Top 5 boaters and top 5 no-boaters from State Championship 10
(State Team consists of 10 anglers and 10 co-anglers) 20

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