Blueprint for Succeeding in the Recreational Fishing Industry

Increase your professionalism, build a great reputation, and understand the numbers to ensure your business’s success.

“There are many routes to entering the professional ranks of the recreational fishing industry in addition to becoming a tournament angler,” says legendary saltwater fisherman, Louisiana guide and Redfish Lodge owner, Mike Frenette, “But there’s also a lot more to being a professional in every one of these fields than you might suspect.”

Mike Frenette

Whether you choose to be a competitive angler, charter captain, guide, lodge owner, boat mechanic, or tackle rep, the hardest work is building your profile, reputation, and business model explains the National Professional Anglers Association (NPAA) member. Frenette delighted his audience in a seminar on “Controlling Your Own Destiny” at the non-profit organization’s 2023 Annual Conference in Tampa this past January. “To come out on top,” he advised, “you need to be professional in all aspects, both on and off the water – and that certainly includes the business end of things.”

With that thought in mind, Frenette laid out a blueprint, including first-hand examples for aspiring recreational fishing industry pros, to portray themselves as true professionals, build a great reputation, understand the numbers, and grow their businesses. It’s sage advice from one of the most highly respected, successful professionals in the sport – and you can watch his entire NPAA seminar session right now by simply clicking the link above.
“This entire seminar is right on point,” says NPAA president, Patrick Neu. “Mike gets right to the heart of the matter and pulls no punches while outlining what it really takes to be a highly successful pro in this industry. This presentation should be required viewing for anyone aspiring to make a living, earn part-time cash, or improve their existing business in the recreational fishing realm. Having been involved in so many facets of recreational angling, Mike is highly respected and really knows his stuff. Check out the video – and consider the time spent to be a solid investment in your professional future. When you’re finished, we hope you’ll also consider another investment: joining the NPAA.”

NPAA represents all who make a living in the sportfishing industry. Membership includes everyone from guides and captains to tournament anglers, fishing department associates/management/shop owners, manufacturing personnel, engine mechanics, professional rep groups, and more. In addition to superior networking opportunities, sportfishing advocacy, and promoting entry into the sport, the organization offers a monthly member newsletter, a weekly industry NewsBLAST, and access to significant discounts on gear and services provided by many of its nearly 80 supporting partners.

For more information on joining the NPAA and exploring the many benefits membership provides, visit

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