BUSINESS TIP: Do fishermen know who you are?

If not, you need more visibility.

 When a fisherman is asked what the first brand and product comes to mind when mentioning a lure category, the angler’s answer reflects high “brand awareness” for that brand and product.

“Brand Awareness” is a marketing term that refers to the degree to which consumers recognize your product or service by its name and/or image (graphic or photo). It’s the extent, or degree, to which audiences are familiar with a brand’s identity and its products or services. Creating brand awareness is a key step in promoting a new product or reviving an older brand. A brand awareness program seeks to familiarize the public with your company, identifying logo/graphics, and products and differentiate it from your competition. Brand awareness is simply about making a brand memorable and recognizable to its target audience. In short, BE SEEN!

Creating and establishing brand awareness is not a campaign (except for newly introduced products or services) but a perpetual effort in your marketing. Elements used to establish, increase, or maintain your level of brand awareness by your prospects include logos, photos, graphics, slogans, media stories, ads, social page posts, and packaging. These elements must be presented to your prospects repeatedly. Logos/logotype, graphics, and product photos are essential in generating recall.

Websites and social media have become important digital tools for building brand awareness. As consumers view and interact with websites and social media posts and updates, brand awareness will build. For brand awareness to be most productive, consumers should be able to connect to your website and/or social page(s) seamlessly via linked text and/or images from social media pages.

The benefits of enhancing brand awareness through social media are numerous and impactful. They include increased brand visibility, trust and credibility, word-of-mouth marketing, audience insights, competitive advantage, post sharing, and real-time feedback.

So how do you know if your efforts are working? Impressions. Impressions are your metrics to evaluate the extent of brand awareness-building success.

In digital marketing, an impression is when an ad or social media post is served and made viewable to an internet user. Impressions do not count whether an ad or post was clicked. There are different types of impressions:

Served Impressions: Any time a webpage loads an ad or social post, it is counted as a served impression.

Viewable Impressions: An impression is considered viewable if at least 50% of the ad or social post appears within the viewable portion of a webpage/viewing device.

Google Search Console Impressions: Shows the number of impressions where individuals entered, for example, Southern Fishing News’ name, or a keyword that took them to the Southern Fishing News website.

Website story-related impressions add to consumer awareness. The top seven posts on in January, February, and March 2024 generated 744,335 impressions or, 248,111.66 per month average. Sponsor’s linked logos appear on every page of the website which means a probable 744,335 sponsor logo and name impressions were realized by each sponsor. According to some research, only 5 to 7 impressions are necessary before someone can remember your brand. However, the more the better.

Additional impressions can be realized from other sites linking to yours. Google Analytics reported that 156 top sites link to Southern Fishing News for their site’s readers.

A high number of impressions increases brand awareness because it means more people are seeing elements of your brand. However, for brand awareness to translate into brand recall and recognition, repeated and strategic exposure is necessary. Your impression rate reveals how many people see one or more of your brand elements. The more times your brand appears in front of prospects the faster they’ll recognize yours as the best-known and “preferred” choice.

No matter how brief, each interaction with your advertisement or brand mentions builds brand awareness and recognition. A single viewed ad or logo may not be enough to generate a sale, but each builds brand awareness and recognition that will play an important role when anglers are looking for solutions to their problems.

In summary, the number of impressions is a key metric in building brand awareness. The more impressions, the more likely consumers will recognize and remember your brand.


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Southern Fishing News’ audience has an international reach. Breaking down geographical areas by readership, impressions, and reach, starting with the highest is North Alabama region (into South Central Tennessee and Northeast Mississippi), Southeast U.S., National, and International respectively.

Southern Fishing News Publisher and Editor Ron McDonald has been involved in, primarily bass fishing since 1973 providing unique insight and experience into fishing as a hobby, profession and the industry in general.
Background includes:
• Creator of the cartoon series Billy Bass & Charlie Carp published in Bassmaster Magazine.
• Creator of the cartoon story of Anheuser Ambush published in Bassman Magazine.
• Host of the Southern Fishing television show broadcast to North Alabama, South Central Tennessee, and Northeast Mississippi.
• Producer of Southern Fishing and Southern Fishing News website and social pages.
• Publisher and Editor of the Southern Fishing printed tabloid newspaper.
• Created and managed the All-Star Bassin Team and Top Rod Championship Tournaments.
• Publisher and Editor of Southern Fishing Email News.
• Tournament angler.
• Field representative for several lure manufacturers.

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  1. Ken McBroom says:

    Great article. As an entrepreneur with my own fishing business I get feedback from people that see me on the water or at the boat ramp and tell me they bought my Hairy Cricket Jig or Li’L TUFFY Swimbait because the kept seeing posts with big fish caught on them and had to have some. Nothing works better in my opinion than post and articles representing the product’s ability to perform.