C8 (PFOS/PFOA) in the water – The Ugly Facts

Ron McDonald
Publisher & Editor


I  stumbled across a documentary on Netflix, “The Devil We Knew”. The movie begins with the advent of C8 (the chemical used to make Teflon and hundreds of other products) in West Virginia. The effects of C8 on humans and animals is astounding, to say the least. 
The same thing happened/is happening on Wheeler Lake as far as the introduction of C-8 into public water.

Potential lethal results from drinking water contaminated with PFOA/PFOS above new EPA standards.

C8, PFOS and PFOA caused terrible birth defects in babies, cattle and deer died and/or had birth defects drank from C-8polluted streams. Many men who worked with C8 contracted colon cancer. The documentary stated that 99%, that’s 99% of all Americans had C8 in their blood. High cholesterol and thyroid disease have shown up after exposure to C8.

Bottom line, WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!!! Says everything that Decatur Utilities, Decatur DuPont, 3M et.al. have been reluctant to discuss. DuPont knew back in the ’60s that C8 was very bad on humans and other warm-blooded animals.

The litigation against DuPont revealed all of the cover-ups. 3M had even notified DuPont that C-8 should, under no conditions be discharged into public streams or lakes.

Please spread the news of this film and that we have C8 in the Tennessee River and probably in our bloodstream.

REMEMBER – C8, PFOS, PFOA has been discharged into Wheeler Lake. How about downstream to Wilson and Pickwick Lakes?

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