Crappie bite has been hot on Alabama’s Lake Martin

The crappie bite has been very good on Lake Martin according to Charlie Brewer, Jr., Slider Lures. Brewer made a trip down to Martin on March 11 and 12 to fish with Ronnie “Cooie” Browning, an old fishing buddy. The pair caught a boatload of the papermouths on both days.

“…found the crappie in pockets with trash.”

The lure we used on both days was a 1/16 oz. Slider Crappie Grub fished on 4 lb. test line. The color preferred by the fish was a junebug/chartreuse tail,” according to Brewer. “We found the crappie in pockets with trash. Like the Three Bears, just enough stuff but not too much was just right. The better pockets had wind blowing into them. The wind made the boat harder to control but the fishing was better.”

Charlie Lake Martin March 3-11

Fishing trash with 4 lb. line may seem a little risky but not with the Slider thin 4/0 hook. The exposed hook did get snagged on some wood, etc. every now and then. However, the thin wire design of the hook enabled Browning and Brewer to pull the line and straighten the hook. The straight hook freed the hook and grub from the wood. The hook was then re-bent and fishing continued without having to re tie with a new and replace the grub.

Brewer noted the surface temperature of the water ran 58 to 61 degrees. “The water was not muddy or clear, just a little stain which made visibility just right,” He added.

Charlie and Linda Brewer with a couple of Lake Martin crappie.

Charlie and Linda Brewer with a couple of Lake Martin crappie.

Brewer and wife Linda returned to Lake Martin on March 20 and continued to catch fish. “The crappie on this trip were caught casting around the tops of submerged trees,” Brewer said.

The strategy remained the same, 4 lb. test line, 1/16 oz. Slider thin hook ighead and rigged with the Slider Crappie Grub in junebug/chartreuse tail.

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