Crazy stuff on the water

Anyone that has been on the water and around boat ramps for any amount of time have seen some crazy things. Usually you’ll say to yourself, “What were they thinking?” I was sitting on the deck one day and started thinking about things I had seen on the water while fishing and at boat ramps. I also thought of a couple I had not seen but would not be surprised to see. You can probably think of a few crazy things you have seen that I missed. So, here are a few of the crazy things I came up with:


  • Building a boat ramp on a rocky bank with no dock.
  • Back down a ramp and then do everything that should have been done in the parking lot.
  • Use 4lb. test line on a a new $50, ten inch swimbait.
  • Keep the headlights on bright while on a boat ramp at night so others can test their backing skills while blind.
  • No Wake buoys only apply to other boats.
  • Stopping ten feet in front of another boat fishing is adequate consideration.
  • Think they can run a 70 mph in five foot waves will get the boat “on top”.
  • You can power all the cool stuff on a loaded bass boat with one deep cycle battery.
  • Playing country music on the boat’s 15” speakers thinking that will draw fish to the boat.
  • Wait until the busy weekend to learn how to back a boat down a ramp.
  • Wiping the boat clean while parked on the ramp on a busy weekend.
  • Staying close to a pro angler in a high dollar tournament so they can give him fishing advice.
  • Thinking the marine police won’t mind a boat cutting across their bow five feet away.
  • Other boaters are stupid for going around a point with the tops of stumps showing.
  • A 21 foot boat will do just fine on a single axle trailer.
  • The ramp is a parking place.
  • Think a “Dangerous Waters” sign means there are some REALLY big fish in there.
  • Confident there is no way a snake can get into a boat.
  • The bow going up a down while underway is built that way to make boating more fun.
  • A jet ski is supposed to run close to fishing boats to wake-up the fish.
  • Boat trailers are supposed to be completely submerged to load a boat…followed shortly by the tow vehicle.
  • A boat can run anywhere there is water.

Well, that’s about all the damage I can do. How about you?

(Ed. Note: DISCLAIMER – Any similarity to a living or dead person is strictly accidental and unfortunate at the same time.)

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