Do you know what fish are contaminated?

Enter the Proposed Alabama SHOR Act

Southern Fishing News has published several articles regarding river and lake pollution notably on Wheeler Lake as well as publishing Alabama Fish Advisories. The story list includes:

ADEM Continues PFAS Investigation
The Alabama Department of Environmental Management continues to monitor the Perflourochemical situation in Alabama’s Morgan and Lawrence counties (Wheeler Lake).

Eating just one freshwater fish a YEAR is equal to a month of drinking water laced with ‘forever chemicals’ has published a story relating to PFOA in freshwater fish. Many stories have been published regarding PFOA, “Forever Chemicals”, found in Wheeler Lake located in North Alabama. The chemical pollution has been attributed to a Decatur 3M plant and/or 3M landfill dumping.

2020 Alabama Fish Consumption Report Published
The Alabama Department of Environmental Management has published the 2020 fish consumption report.

These stories may be read in full on using the “Search” window.

A proposed new act being considered by Alabama lawmakers would address the issue of contaminated fish in Alabama rivers and lakes.

The SHOR act was addressed by Claudia Peppenhorst, Huntsville-Decatur WAFF.

Peppenhorst wrote: Some Alabama lawmakers want to make sure that your catch of the day is safe to eat before you prepare your meals.”

“If passed, The Safe and Healthy Outdoor Recreation (SHOR) Act would help tell you if a fish is safe to eat.”

Peppenhorst also noted, “If the SHOR Act is passed, signage with pictures and names of fish with active consumption advisories would be required at every public boat ramp and fishing area.”

Tennessee Riverkeeper Executive Director David Whiteside was quoted saying, “This bill is necessary for the Tennessee River as many fish are not safe to eat due to pollutants in the water. “The seminal right for a father or mother to go catch a fish and feed it to their family has been stolen from us by these big polluters,” Whiteside said. “We need to know that the problem exists and we need to make the fish safe to eat again and the water safe to drink for everyone.”

Southern Fishing News is in full support of the proposed SHOR act. Many of us enjoy a day on the water fishing and immediately release the bass we catch. However, there are Alabama residents that fish to take their catch home to eat, by necessity, or for a family fish fry.

Knowing in advance what fish to avoid eating makes a lot of sense.

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