Finesse Fishing Downloadable Southern Fishing New Student Angler Class

Welcome to Southern Fishing News Student Angler Class. This downloadable class is on Finesse Fishing and is available free to high school bass clubs, or actually, anyone who wants a brush-up on the subject.

The COVID pandemic has obviously made in-person presentations, not an option. However, we are bringing the class presentation to you as a stand-alone PowerPoint file. All you will be missing are in-person comments and sponsor giveaways. Other than that all the class presentation is provided in the digital format. 

In addition, the Student Angler Classes were only available in a certain geographical distance from our home base in Killen, Alabama. Now high school bass clubs nationwide, even worldwide have access to our classes.

To view/download click on this link, Fishing Class JAN 2021 Update
To view/download the smaller PDF version without animation click here, Fishing Class JAN 2021 Update

Contact us at [email protected] or go to the Contact page on this site if you have any questions or comments. We hope you enjoy the presentation and find the class beneficial.

Best wishes for a good 2021 fishing season.



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  1. Don Gowen says:

    Excellent development for student anglers from an Ole PRO.