Favorite Fishing USA signs on with the University of Auburn’ fishing team

Favorite Fishing USA is pleased to be associated with the University of Auburn’ fishing team.  One of the guiding principles of Favorite’s business is “the future of  fishing.”  Favorite does this in two ways.

The first is Favorite’s working directly with universities, high schools, and even the   junior anglers enhancing their fishing experience.  This is done through sponsorship of fishing teams like Auburn, and giving the “up and coming” angler discounts and support to secure the highest quality fishing equipment.  We have devoted one management individual, Mr. Matt Pitts, to specifically handle our association with young anglers. As a coach for over 15 years, he understands young people, as well as how to work with schools and universities.  Matt works directly with coaches and schools in the development of their fishing teams, and can be reached at matt.pitts@favoriteusa,com.

Our introduction of new and high quality components in our rods insures “the future of fishing” will have superior equipment.  Favorite’s use of “Toray” carbon fiber from Japan-Mitsubishi, Fuji “Torzite” (second hardest natural mineral to diamonds) guides, and blended with a true “tip to butt” rod construction insures the finest fishing experience.  Favorite Fishing USA welcomes you to visit our web site www.favoriteusa.com for a full explanation of our “future of fishing” line of rods and reels.

Winston Tucker, CEO and Founder of Favorite Fishing USA, stated the following when commenting about the relationship with Auburn University.  “Our relationship with Auburn is right up our alley.  We know the future of fishing is young people, and supporting the Auburn fishing team gives us the opportunity enhance their fishing experience.  GO TIGERS FISHING TEAM.”

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