Fish School: Angling Skills Kids Can Learn at Home

School may be out, but fish school is in! If you’ve got children, we’ve got 4 ways they can build their angling skills while spending time at home.

  1. Practice Casting – Get a hook-less casting plug, set up some targets in the yard, and let the fun begin! Get tips from the article The Perfect Cast and the video, How to Cast. Practice a half-hour each day.
  2. Tie Knots – Learning this at home will save time and avoid frustration on the water. Start with the short video on how to tie a palomar knot. Once that’s mastered, visit Coastal Fisheries’ Tie Tuesday, where we post a knot-tying video on Facebook each Tuesday. For learning, use a supple 10-12-pound test monofilament line.
  3. Baits & Lures – Once a child realizes fish detect a meal by movement, sight, and sound, a world of possibilities is revealed. The short video, Baits and Lures, will get them started.  
  4. Know Fish – The more a child knows about fish behavior, the better an angler she or he will become. Kids can explore the habits of their favorites in our descriptions of freshwater and saltwater fishes of Texas. 

Practice may not always make perfect, but it will give your child more confidence as an angler and a more satisfying fishing experience.  

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