Here’s a bright idea: LureViewer

LureViewer is waterproof, feather light, bends to any shape, white, UV, red color modes, works for 30 hours continuously, has changeable batteries, easy on/off and summer/winter tested. Did I mention LureViewer is a new fishing light.

Let’s backup a little and look where this new fishing aid came from.

Don Erickson, developer of LureViewer, says the life of the LureViewer came from a summer fishing trip on windy night. “The sun started to go down so I grabbed my cap light and clipped it to the bill of my cap. As the day went into total darkness the wind also picked up. Before my fishing partner knew it we were fishing in large rollers,” Erickson explained.

After a few hours of no bites Erickson figured he would change lures. He turned his cap light on and tried to get the light to shine into the tackle box. “This seemed to be almost an impossible task since the boat was really starting to bounce in the water.

After retrieving the lure I wanted to use I slid my fishing rod between my knees to hold it,” according to Erickson. The inventor tried to remove the old lure and tie the new one on. That effort turned out to be another impossible task with the boat bouncing, the wind, and oh yeah, it was dark. Erickson said he was struggling to hold the line still while trying to hold his head down to keep the cap light illuminating the lure to tie it on- multitasking at it’s best.



“After eventually getting my new lure tied on it dawned on me if there was a light somehow attached to the fishing rod, weather, water, wind or darkness would not matter,” Erickson explained. the quick observation dawned on him-regardless how much the boat bounced, the light would stay right where needed. Avoiding an aching and stiff neck from trying to hold a cap light down in an awkward position was another benefit.

“The next day I started thinking there had to be a better way, I did a search on the Internet and did not find any type of light you could attach to a rod and was small enough to stay out of the way while providing bright, point LED lighting. After many different attempts the LureViewer was “born”, according to




The final LureViewer design consists of a very bright LED attached to a rubber, non-slip shaft which may be bent or wrapped to just about any shape. A clip on the end of the LureViewer assists in holding the unit or can be used to hold your lure while the LED light’s shaft is being wrapped around your rod. Erickson noted LureViewer(s) can even be securely wrapped on your fishing net, bait bucket, tackle box or clipped to your life vest, The LureViewer is completely waterproof.

And there you have the way LureViewer was conceived and the features offered.

For more information or ordering a LureViewer ($13.99 each) visit

LureViewer is patented and trademarked.

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