KiwkKonnect Treble Hooks will make split rings obsolete

Get ready anglers. Stop dealing with those hard to handle split rings. Change out old rusted hooks, dull and /or bent treble hooks and changing lure hook sizes with the new and amazing KiwkKonnect Treble Hooks from Pacific Coast Hooks.

This newly developed treble hook will change the fishing industry by connecting treble hooks on lures with an all-in-one hook. KiwkKonnect Treble Hooks are a replacement of treble hook attachment using split rings.

In less than five seconds you can have our KiwkKonnect Treble Hooks on your lure. That means more time for fishing without dealing with split rings.

This new patent pending KiwkKonnect Treble Hook is made of high quality carbon steel with a new technology for a sharper point. No split rings needed with this hook. The “split ring” replacement is built right into the new treble hook. No fumbling, no wasted time. Connect our treble hook directly to your lure amazingly fast.

Our unique KiwkKonnect Treble Hooks have been bass pro tested and approved.
We just want to get this amazing hook into angler’s hands. We feel we have solved the issue of having to deal with the dreaded split ring madness when changing treble hooks.

We will have a limited quantity of samples of this new and amazing product to try. Any angler interested in trying the KiwkKonnect Treble Hook should email us at [email protected] for an opportunity to receive a sample from our limited supply. We ask anglers pay for shipping of the sample hook.

Additionally, we are interested in finding an investor to take this great product to the next level, an interested party that prefers working with a licensing rights agreement or a possible bulk manufacturing arrangement. Pacific Coast Hooks will review all proposals.

Pacific Coast Hooks, Inc., the leader in one connection treble hooks, California State University-San Bernardino, California with email at [email protected]. Facebook: pacificcoasthooks.

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