More problems for Wheeler Lake in North Alabama

The city of Decatur, AL and the nearby industrial park have been the focus for PFOA and PFOS contamination into Wheeler Lake. Decatur experienced wastewater overflows from sewer systems recently in the midst of record rainfall in the southeastern U.S.. and specifically in North Alabama.

Longtime resident and bass fisherman Don Gowen addressed the issue in an email to a Decatur city councilman. The email and attachments are included with permission as a community service.

Area of impact downstream from Decatur, AL. Google Earth photo.

To: Councilman Charles Kirby


Attached is: Channel 31 T.V. – “Flooding brings potentially dangerous sewage overflows to North Alabama – March 4, 2019.”

*My review of forty-six (46) SOS Reports indicating from 2,546,370 gallons to $16,546,370 gallons of Sanitary Sewer overflows from February 19 – February 26, 2019 in Decatur. Many of these dump into Flint Creek above Point Mallard Park and our Decatur water intake facilities. Others pollute/contaminate the Tennessee River direct.

A review of the Receiving Steam – drainage/discharge points indicates that a number of these may be being reported incorrectly, including effluent from Sanitary Sewer overflows draining into Wilson Morgan Park Lake in violation of Corp. of Engineers regulations. Also, a number of the overflow points indicate the receiving Stream to be “Baker’s Creek” when a review indicates the receiving stream to be “Dry Creek” or other overflow discharge points. Included is a Summary Listing of SOS Reports filed by Decatur Utilities to ADEM.

Don Gowen
Decatur, Alabama 35601

Attached files:


SOS – 02-26-19

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