Pitch worn out lures in the trash…not in the water

Everyone has soft plastic lures in their tackle box. They’re versatile, effective, and inexpensive. They’re easy to use and great for teaching beginners. And there’s nothing better than casting a plastic worm in the perfect spot, watching it sink, and getting a big strike.

But what happens when soft baits get torn or worn out? Too often, they are ending up as litter at the bottoms of ponds, lakes and rivers and that’s causing problems. Recently in Maine, a bill was introduced that would have banned the sale and use of soft plastic lures.

That’s why KeepAmericaFishing created the Pitch It campaign to talk to fishermen about the proper disposal of worn out soft baits. By standing up against litter, we can protect our precious natural resources while taking away a powerful argument from those who want to regulate the contents of our tackle boxes. That’s a win-win!Pitch-In Logo

Protect the Contents of Your Tackle Box
We know that sportsmen and women are the watchdogs of our waterways. Still, our ponds, lakes, and rivers are being littered with worn-out soft plastic lures. Commit to stopping litter – including used tackle. When a soft plastic lure is worn or damaged, dispose of it properly. Recycle it or pitch it in a trash can. It’s that simple.

What’s at Stake?
Did you know that because of litter, there have been environmentalists and politicians who have tried to ban the sale and use of soft plastic lures? Can you imagine not being able to fish with some of your favorite baits?

That threat became a harsh reality in Maine. If a ban in Maine were to happen, there could be a domino effect across the country – from lake to lake, and state to state.

What You Can Do
Learn about recycling opportunities near you, share your stories, get your friends involved, and most important – Sign the Pledge to Pitch It! Sign Pledge

By signing the Pledge now, we will be able to demonstrate the conviction of the entire American fishing community against littering our waterways. In the event that legislation is introduced to ban one of the most important tools we use to enjoy our sport, we will be ready to defend our right to fish and the contents of our tackle boxes!

Pledge to Pitch It!
Release Fish, Not Lures

KeepAmericaFishing_LogoWho is
KeepAmericaFishing is leading the fight to preserve your right to sustainably fish on our nation’s waterways.

As the voice of the American angler, KeepAmericaFishing works to keep our public resources – our oceans, lakes, rivers and streams – open, clean and abundant with fish.

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