Shoals Youth Bassmasters Finish 2023 Season on Pickwick

The Shoals Youth Bassmasters fished their last tournament of the 2023 trail on September 16th on Pickwick Lake out of the McFarland ramp with fifty-two young anglers anxious to fish.

The ten youth bass fishermen winning trophies weighed in 79.29 pounds of green and brown bass. The club’s total weight was much higher since this weight came to the scales with only 10 of the 52 fishing the tournament.

The club director said, “The day was nice. There was a slight wind and an overcast sky made for a good day compared to the high summer temperatures the young anglers endured. The rain came twice but was very brief. But overall, a good day for fishing.”

Not only was the weather better for fishing Pickwick but for the picnic and award presentations that followed the tournament.

In the tournament, the 10 And Under Division’s trophy winners combined to weigh 44.44 pounds of bass. First place in this age division went to Kase Goodwin who brought 17.11 lbs. to the scales. Anglers in the 11 To 15 Age Division ganged up with a total of 33.09 pounds of bass. Parker Posey in that division contributed 11.75 lbs. for first place. In the 16 To 18 Age Division (with two fishing) the fishing was much tougher with a total weight of 1.76 pounds. First and second place were mere digits apart with Brandon Atkins winning the close one for first. Brody Bennett, fishing in the 10 And Under group, took big fish honors for a 4.04 lb. smallmouth.

Tournament Trophy Winner Results
10 and Under Age
1st Place Kase Goodwin 17.11 lbs.
2nd Place Brody Bennett 10.44 lbs.
3rd Place Ashlynn Underwood 10.15 lbs.
4th Place Boone Ridgeway 6.74 lbs.

11 to 15 Age
1st Place Parker Posey 11.75 lbs.
2nd Place Camden Randall 10.38 lbs.
3rd Place Link Ingram 7.38 lbs.
4th Place Carson Howell 3.58 lbs.

16 to 18 Age
1st Place Brandon Atkins .90 lbs.
2nd Place Sam Tucker .86 lbs.

Brody Bennett 4.04 Smallmouth

Following the tournament weigh-in and the awarding of trophies was a picnic and awards were presented for different categories for tournament achievements for the total Shoals Youth Bassmasters 2023 trail.

Shoals Youth Bassmasters 2023 Tournaments Awards
10 and Under Age Group
Angler of the Year Kase Goodwin with 44.80 lbs.
$50 Gift card from Bass Pro/Tracker Marine and a nice rod from Up Coast Custom Rods
Runner up Brody Bennett for 35.61 lbs.
$50 Gift card from Shoals Outdoor Sports

11 to 15 Age Group
Angler of the year Camden Randall with 27.87 lbs.
$50 Gift card from Bass Pro/Tracker Marine and a nice rod from Up Coast Custom Rods
Runner up Parker Posey for 26.05 lbs.
$50 Gift card from Shoals Outdoor Sports

16 to 18 Age Group
Angler of the Year Brandon Atkins at 22.36 lbs.
$50 Gift card from Bass Pro/Tracker Marine and a nice rod from Up Coast Custom Rods
Runner up Sam Tucker with 17.96 lbs.
$50 Gift card from Shoals Outdoor Sports

Biggest Largemouth for the year
Cam Andrews 5.17 lbs.
$50 Gift card from Bass Pro/Tracker Marine

Laxson closed the 2023 season saying, “This year was very good and lots of fun for the club. This club continues to amaze me. The young anglers are awesome. The boat captains and family and friends who support them and the club are great people. Proud to be associated with each. Thanks go to Officer Chad Dyer from the Alabama Marine Police for coming and talking with the group as well as Britney Hicks our Event Coordinator for Shoals Youth. She worked hard on getting products and food for the picnic. She also made our new shirts for the club.”


Laxson recognized the support of sponsors with a big thanks to each and every one. Bass Pro/Tracker, City of Rogersville, Shoals Outdoor Sports, Jaco Marine, Lewis Electric, Academy Sports, TVA Community Credit Union, Bank Independent, Slider Baits, Mcdonalds of Lauderdale County, Lawlers BBQ, CiCis Pizza, Burch Tackle, Grays Tackle, Perkins Outdoors, The Bait Shop, Lawson’s Outdoors, West end Outdoors, Southern Fishing News, Recluse Pest Control, Lewis Signs, Florence Trophy Shop, Newton CakePad, Lew’s Fishing Argentina, Up Coast Custom Rods, Sonic, SWAT Guns and Ammo and many individual people contributors.

He added, “Special thanks to my family Linda, Jennifer, and Ken. And thanks to Danny, Sandra, and Fisher Heard for weigh-in as well as Kathy Gibson, Ernie and Renae Darracott, and countless individuals for the help.”


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