Soft Plastic Baits – Fact vs. Fiction

Everyone loves to fish with soft plastic baits.  So why have they become controversial?  In this article, we’ll separate the fact and fiction.

Soft plastic baits are incredibly effective for catching fish.

FACT – Most anglers’ tackle boxes are full of soft plastics. They are available in a multitude of colors and can be presented in a large number of ways. Also, their low cost allows you to keep a variety on hand to match the conditions and forage species.

Soft plastics are good for beginners.

FACT – Inexpensive and easy to use, soft plastics are a great starting point for any angler. And as experience grows, new techniques and presentations can be added to their bag of tricks.

Live baits are more popular than soft plastic lures.

FICTION – 57% of all baits used are soft plastics.

States have proposed banning these popular lures.

FACT – Because used lures are ending up as litter in fishing areas, members of the Maine legislature proposed banning them in 2013.

Old and damaged lures should be recycled or thrown in the trash.

FACT – Recycling is getting more and more popular but if your area doesn’t offer it, pitch them in the trash.

Tournament anglers don’t care about this issue.

FICTION – Tournament anglers are some of the leading voices in the anti-litter movement.  In fact, both B.A.S.S. and FLW have programs to collect used soft plastics.

I already practice proper disposal so there’s nothing else I can do.

FICTION – Join with thousands of other American anglers by going to and signing the pledge today.

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