The National Bass Fishing Trail, Alabama North District, Kicks Off 2017 Season

The National Bass Fishing Trail’s Alabama North District will hold its first qualifying tournament of the 2017 season on Wheeler Lake at the First Creek Ramp on February 11th. The hours of the tournament will be safe daylight to 3:00 p.m.

The NBT is a solo trail with a junior division. The NBT is a great way to introduce the young angler to the world of tournament fishing and prepare him or her for high school and college fishing. It is also a great way to keep the high school angler on the water for more than just 3 or 4 tournaments a year. There is no minimum age to fish the NBT junior division, and the junior may fish to the age of 18. The junior pays $15.00 a year for a NBT membership and $15.00 plus $5.00 big fish for each district qualifying tournament. An adult angler pays $20.00 a year for a membership and $60.00 for each district qualifying tournament.

Chris Pharr NBT Alabama North District. NBT photo

The NBT has four active districts in Alabama they include Alabama North, Alabama Guntersville, Alabama Smith Lake, which is a winter trail, and Alabama/Georgia. There are also districts in Illinois, Tennessee and Wisconsin. Each district holds a series of qualifying tournaments with a two day district championship tournament. To qualify for the district championship an adult angler must fish three district qualifier tournaments and a junior angler must fish 2 district qualifier tournaments. Each season is topped off by a national championship tournament which is held in June the following year.

To qualify for the national championship tournament, an adult angler must have fished his three qualifying tournaments and his district’s championship. A junior angler must fish his two district qualifiers and his districts championship. Once someone becomes a member of the NBT he or she may fish tournaments in any district.

For more information log onto or contact Donnie Story, President NBT, 256-777-3428; Michael Moore, Youth Director NBT 256-654-0405

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