What posts are readers interested in?

Southern Fishing News website has over 800 posts. The posts cover the various aspects of bass fishing from aquatic plants to fishing products, to water quality to tournaments to high school, college and pro angler circuits, photos and videos and on and on.

Of all the posts we make, which ones are getting read the most? The results may surprise you. Not only is our website reached directly, but also via search engines, links from other sites and from post previews on our social pages.

Here are the Top Ten, most read posts on our website as of July 15, 2019.

 POST TITLE                            VIEWS

1. Home Page    641

2. Near fatal boat accident on Wheeler    425

3. 2019 Shoals Youth Bassmasters Tournament Trail  Released    345

4. Alabama Fishing and Boatings FYI’s    299

5. Asian Silver Carp: A Clear and Present Danger    254

6. Lew’s and Strike King New Product Showcase    220

7. Alabama’s Tennessee River Gill Net Ban Stands    122

8. SYBM Fleet Harbor 6-8-2019    105

9. Alabama State Public Fishing Lakes Open for Fishing Feb. 1    95

10. SYBM Fish First Tournament of their 2019 Season    85

Keep in mind these numbers changer every 30 minutes which might move a post up or down in the list so this is a glimpse at a moment in time. The high numbers for our home page (southernfishingnews.com) are likely generated, in large part, to search engines (i.e. Google) sending a reader directly to our Home Page where the list of posts are found. This reality, and the fact that story previews on our social sites now also point to the Home Page. Readers then select the post they are looking for.

The rankings on the posts are interesting from the fact that some of the older posts (30 to 90 days or older) are still being searched for and read in July. The Shoals Youth Bassmasters seems to have a pretty good following for a club with 70 or so members.

Where do these readers come from? Another interesting fact is that the Southern Fishing News website has international readers. The map below shows where on the globe our readers are coming from. The darker the color, the more readers from that country.

Have a comment you would like to make about these rankings and/or readership? Then go to the comment box and let ‘er rip. We would like to hear what you have to say. While you are at it, tell us what kind (subject matter) of posts you would like to see in the future.

— Ronnie McDonald, Editor & P{ublisher


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