Your Brand and Product’s Bass Angler Exposures Could Be Flying High!

The more bass fishermen see your name and products the better your odds of making a sale in the tackle shop. In the advertising business, this is called “share of mind” and “brand recognition”.

Flying high like a bass with wings!
Our number of website and social page post impressions is flying high!
And take note, warming weather trends are turning on the bass and anglers as well!

A soaring number of impressions Southern Fishing News is getting on our website and social pages means our sponsors are getting more and more brand and product line exposure to our fishing audience.

For example, one recent Southern Fishing News article has received 45,000 views on our website. And that number is still climbing daily. Another example is our recent posts on LinkedIn received 3,165 looks in one week! Google Search Team reported 61,000 hits on our website in October, November, and December 2023. There are many more examples as well.

The website site number alone means your brand and/or product would have been seen by over 45,000 anglers and counting. That’s not a number to sneeze at! And remember, that number does not represent the total impressions our sponsors receive from all our social pages combined resulting in hundreds of thousands of bass (and other fishermen) anglers. The 45,000+ is only for one article.

The impression numbers of Southern Fishing News are flying like a bass with wings. How can you not want to fly with us as a sponsor?

Let me know if you are ready to have your brand take advantage of a Southern Fishing News sponsorship to fly with us and I will provide all the details, [email protected] .

Thanks for taking the time to read about what Southern Fishing News can do for you (and our sponsorship rates are favorable for any size company).

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