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Bass Pro Shops Updates Tournament Rewards Program

Bass Pro Shops has long been a supporting sponsor of collegiate bass fishing.  Bass Pro Shops work hand-in-hand nationwide to provide student anglers with the highest level of tournament competition and rewards.


Adrian College Maintains School of the Year Lead to Start 2020

San Antonio, TX (January 30, 2020) – 2020 is here and collegiate anglers are back from their holiday breaks and on the water. With that comes the first qualifying events for the spring semester and the first opportunity to earn points towards the 2019-2020 Bass Pro Shops School of the Year presented by Abu Garcia.

Creative fishing and outdoors special effect photos

Southern Fishing News has created some really unique, special effect photos for viewing and/or downloading.

Sponsor Feature-West End Outdoors

Opinion regarding an article on 3M grand jury subpoena

By Don Gowen

(Regarding an article, 3M reveals grand jury subpoena involving Decatur plant, global layoffs By Eric Fleischauer Metro Editor, Decatur Daily, January 29, 2020. Available on

What is very telling by this article are the statements issued by Mr. Roman that “3M is cooperating with this inquiry” and that the recent charge against earnings “supports a more aggressive effort to assist EPA in dealing with PFAS”.  This has the appearance of being primarily focused on being involved and engaged in controlling the investigative process and final determination of the issue.

Photos, photos, photos

We have listed all of our online event photo albums for your viewing and/or download. These albums go back to 2012.

Eight hundred and seventy-seven fishing and fishing-related stories

Want to read about fishing stuff? Well, you are at the right place. Just take your pick from 877 of ’em here


Six new videos on Southern Fishing News

Six new videos have been added to Southern Fishing New’s YouTube Channel. The new videos are located in the channel’s New Products playlist.

Bethel’s Floyd & McNeil Win Ranger Cup University Challenge

The Ranger Cup University Challenge is one of the most prestigious contingency programs in college fishing. All year long, Ranger Cup University anglers compete on the college circuit for the chance to earn an opportunity to participate in the all-expense paid, made for tv event. The 2019 qualifiers were Adam Puckett & Blake Albertson from Murray State University, and Cole Floyd & Carter McNeil from Bethel University. Edging out the team from Murray State by just over nine pounds, Floyd & McNeil claimed the winning prize of $2,000.

Beware: Georgia buy license scam

Buyer Beware! A scam license website has been detected by the Georgia DNR Law Enforcement Division. This site appears to be active in both North Georgia and on the coast.