Knife by Another Name is Not the Same


EGO’s new Kryptek Fillet Knife is destined to be your new workhorse.

Fillet knife prices are all over the board. There are culinary-grade options pushing two hundred bucks. Inversely, you’re confronted with questionable options floating around five bucks, and a whole slew between twenty and a hundred bucks. What’s an angler to do?

EGO Fishing has an answer. The new Kryptek Fillet Knife goes for around twenty bucks and blends a cutlery quality blade with a workmanlike design to be the ultimate go-to fillet knife.

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The multi-purpose Kryptek Fillet Knife features a titanium-coated blade, preventing corrosion, which is especially important in saltwater environments. Its rubberized No-Slip-Grip keeps the knife in your hands in the slippery situation that is filleting fish.

EGO’s Kryptek Fillet Knife comes standard with a poly sheath to protect the edge, as well as your hands. And with an 11.5-inch blade, it manages wide-ranging fish species and sizes.

Make kitchen drawer space for the new EGO Kryptek Fillet Knife. Might want to keep one in the boat, too, 

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