Student Angler Class 3 – Silver Carp Threat

This is the third class in our Student Angler Class Series, the “Silver Carp Threat”. This presentation follows the previous “Finesse Fishing” and “Antique Lures” downloadable classes.

The silver carp invasive species.

The Silver Carp Threat class takes you through what the Asian silver carp is, how to identify the fish, controls being experimented with and agencies involved in the effort of controlling and stopping the spread of the silver carp.

This class will be available, as the first two classes, as a free PowerPoint file and a PDF version. The PDF version is a much smaller file size than the PowerPoint file but does not include any of the animations contained in the PowerPoint version.

The presentation is created for use by high school bass clubs, youth anglers and any other interested bass anglers.

DOWNLOAD the PowerPoint class file: Silver Carp Threat 3-13-2021
DOWNLOAD the PDF class version: Silver Carp Threat 3-13-2021

Previous classes:
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Finesse Fishing PDF version – Fishing Class JAN 2021 Update

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