Two Dynamic New Ned Rig Products Announced

Florence AL – Most bass anglers know about the “Ned Rig”. However, there is a “secret” Ned Rig that has been out there during field tests but no tournament angler has talked about.

Tennessee Rivers Tackle Company/Swamper Baits is pulling back the curtain on these two new Ned Rig products – the OG KUSH Ned and The Swamper Baits Swamper FRT. The OG KUSH Ned features the lure company’s popular KUSH worm in a 4-inch version minus the tail. The Swamper Baits FRT is dressed with a unique 5-inch plastic core worm. Both of the new Ned rigs feature hook guards.

Owner and lure designer Mark Whitten had this to say about the OG Kush Ned rig, “I’m sure someone will think I put this story together just to sell baits, however, this actually happened to me and one I’ll never forget.”

On the night of the blood moon eclipse a while back, the rain had just stopped about 45 minutes before the full eclipse so I hurried and dropped a boat into the water and went to Cox Island on Wilson Lake where I could get a better view and fish a bit. During the full eclipse, everything was silent. Nothing was breaking water, no owls hooting, complete silence. As I watched the eclipse transition to a full, bright moon I made my first cast with the OG KUSH Ned rig in blue fleck. I caught a 4 lbs.. largemouth. On the second cast, smack, another largemouth weighing 4.6 lbs. I was shaking, nervous and excited to get the lure back in the water. On the third cast, the OG KUSH Ned rig got tattooed by another largemouth this one weighing 5.3 lbs. With my adrenaline pumping, I put on another OG Kush Ned rig this time a black with red flake. I barely felt the hit but my line started steadily swimming to the right, I picked up my rod tip and felt weight pulling back and it was a toad of a largemouth and gave me a heck of a fight. After I boated the big largemouth I put it on the scale it weighed 5.6 lbs. The biggest four-fish catch in four casts I’ve ever laid into. I’ll hold on to that memory forever.”

OG Kush Ned
The OG Kush Ned produces an unbelievable methodical, undulating action that mimics a slow injured baitfish or large craw. The OG Kush Ned has a movement so non-threatening a bass can’t resist, especially those summer, offshore bass hanging on structure looking for an easy meal.

The bait is perfect when twitching or dead-sticking as it will ALWAYS stand straight up when it hits the bottom.

The action of the OG Kush Ned is unparalleled when it comes to the traditional Ned rig. The OG Kush Ned is the perfect finesse bait for finiky bass. The OG Kush Ned is a limited edition bait. There will be only 100 packs for initial distribution with each pack containing 5 lures per pack.

The OG Kush Ned is available in green pumpkin speckle flake, watermelon red flake, watermelon blue flake, june bug and black with red flake.

Go to to see the action of the OG Kush Ned.

Swamper FRT
The Swamper FRT stands up with a 5 inch long worm. The Swamper FRT has a different action than the OG KUSH Ned by providing more of a rapid darting movement followed by a slow fall. This action will trigger more reaction bites. When the Swamper FRT hits the bottom it will ALWAYS stand straight up like the OG KUSH Ned does.

The Swamper FRT works fantastic on bass that are actively feeding and even better during the dog days of summer heat when the bass hold in deep water on offshore structure. The Swamper FRT will produce bigger bites time after time. This resluts in a bigger sack in a tournament or just overall great day of fishing. The Swamper FRT is a must-have lure.

The colors for the Swamper FRT worm also differ from the OG KUSH Ned. The worms of the Swamper FRT worms are core shot making the core of the worm a different color than the outer layer. Glitter, or flake, combinations entice big bass to smack it. The available core colors are silver w/red core, gold w/red core, purple w/black core, and smoke w/chartreuse core. Solid colors are green pumpkin speckle flake, black w/red flake.

The Swamper FRT comes 5 lures per pack.

Go to to see the Swamper FRT Ned in action.

Shop for the OG Kush Ned and the Swamper FRT of your choice at while stock lasts.

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