Unique Steddie Pole joins Southern Fishing News

Southern Fishing News, an Internet bass fishing news publisher, has announced Steddie Pole has joined that news source as a sponsor.

Steddie Pole is a new, patented product designed to help boating anglers steady themselves when getting up and down from the driver or passenger seat.

Placing the Steddie Pole in the boat. Steddie Pole photo

The Steddie Pole is also designed to stabilize an angler moving up and down from the back platform of a bass boat as well. Steddie Pole’s Allen Kennemur noted, “The new boat accessory is especially helpful for physically handicapped fishermen and older anglers.”

Kennemur continued, “While the Steddie Pole is an invaluable boat accessory for the physically handicapped and older anglers, the product is also beneficial for anglers who want a “quick exit” from the driver or passenger seat without using the windshield as a handhold.”

The pole folds for a compact profile and can be easily stored in a rod locker or even left on the deck of the boat when not in use. The boater simply unfolds the Steddie Pole and positions it on the boat deck between the driver and passenger seat.

The Steddie Pole is constructed of aluminum which makes the product very durable and light. The new product is customized for the brand of the boat of customers.

Kennemur said the Steddie Pole is available to the public now. The Steddie Pole can be seen in action at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPliCnsPEY0 and Facebook Steddie Pole page. Boaters can purchase the product at https://steddiepole.myshopify.com/products/steddie-pole.

Steddie Pole joins Slider Lures, Bass Assassin, Neese Waterfront Properties, Lew’s, Strike King, Alabama B.A.S.S. Nation, and Fishing with Steve D as Southern Fishing News sponsors.

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