World’s first sonar drone takes flight

Imagine you are fishing a ledge on Pickwick Lake when a small drone appears. The drone hovers about and then leaves landing in a boat about 100 yards away.

What just happened is the guy in the other boat wanted to take a look at what you were fishing on. How does he know? His little drone is equiped with sonar.

Sonar_drone cropped

AguaDrone is the world’s first waterproof drone with a sonar fish finder.

Drones are all the rage for all sorts of extreme aerial photography. But, what if there was a drone that also helped you find fish. Introducing AguaDrone.

AguaDrone is the world’s first waterproof drone with a sonar fish finder. Just wirelessly connect AguaDrone to your smart device and go. Find the best fishing spots without ever moving your boat. No wasted time. No wasted fuel.

But it gets even better. AguaDrone doesn’t just find the fish, it also can take your fishing lure and drop it farther than you can cast. You’ll always hit your mark.

A drone features

The AguaDrone opens up a bunch of new fishing applicaions.

Plus you can land The AguaDrone can land on virtually any surface, including water, and capture amazing images (with available HD camera pod) above and below the water’s surface.

Fishing has just entered a whole new dimention if the AguaDrone performs as advertised.

To learn more about this newly launched capability and all of AguaDrone’s interchangeable PODS on Kickstarter go to Feel free to contact Ezon James, AguaDrone’s marketing and sales at: [email protected] with any questions.

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