Youth bass club weigh fish in the rain

You might say, “OK, big deal. I have fished for eight hours in the rain.” That would be true for many bass fishermen. However, would you do it if you were ten years old and younger? Members of the Shoals Youth Bassmasters did.

The youth bass club members, ranging in age from ten years of age and younger to eighteen years old, held their club tournament out of Lock Six on Wilson Lake Saturday, August 15.

Winners from each age division in the Wilson Lake tournament. SYBM photo

Winners from each age division in the Wilson Lake tournament. SYBM photo

Richard Laxson, club director said, “The young anglers began the day with beautiful weather. The lake was calm and the comfortable temperature made for a great day of fishing.” Laxson said those conditions continued for most of the day – until 45 minutes before weigh-in. “At about ten fifteen, minutes before our eleven o’clock weigh-in, everything changed quickly. Hard rain began to pour down accompanied with thunder and vivid lightening,” Laxson explained.

Hanna Freeman with her big smallmouth. SYBM photo

Hanna Freeman with her big smallmouth. SYBM photo

The adult/youth teams were caught out on the lake when the bad weather hit. Laxson said that everyone played it safe and headed for the Lock Six ramp. Weigh-in began immediately as boats returned to the ramp. The rain was still pouring down while the young bass fishermen stood in line to weigh their fish. Later the winners in each division ignored the rain while they posed for photos.

Last minute weather aside, the club members showed they had a pretty good day of fishing. Weights from 12 lbs. 9 oz. to 6 lbs. were brought to the scales by rain soaked contestants. Hannah Fleeman, in the 11 to 15 year old division, brought a 5 lb. 4 oz. smallmouth in.

The top four from each age division were:

10 and Under

1st Place: Hayden Smith – 12 lb.  9 oz.
2nd Place: Camden Randall – 10 lb.  3 oz.
3rd Place: Hayden Brewer – 9 lb. 14 oz.
4th Place: Troy Bates – 9 lb. 12 oz.

11 to 15 Age Group

1st Place: Hannah Fleeman – 11 lb. 14 oz.
2nd Place: Jackson Aaron – 11 lb.  5 oz.
3rd Place: Clayton Birdyshaw – 10 lb.  5 oz.
4th Place: Hunter Inabnitt – 8 lb.  4 oz.

16 to 18 Age Group

1st Place: Hayden Bolton – 7 lb.  4 oz.
2nd Place: Nick Bolton – 6 lb.  8 oz.
3rd Place: Johnathon Peters – 6 lbs.

Lunker: Hannah Fleeman – 5 lb.  4 oz. Smallmouth

The Shoals Youth Bassmasters final tournament is September 12 on Pickwick. The club’s picnic with prizes and fishing products for all will be immediately after the final event.


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