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Shoals Youth Bassmasters fish Wheeler Lake

August tenth found the Shoals Youth Bassmasters launching into First Creek on Wheeler Lake. Fifty-eight young angler members and boat captains readied for the 7 AM start.

The fishermen got the shade benefit of an overcast sky until 10 AM. The hot sun pounded the kids for an hour until the 11 AM weigh-in. A three-fish limit was in force to help reduce any heat-related bass fatalities.

ADEM Investigates Fish Kill on Black Warrior River

The Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) is investigating a fish kill on the Black Warrior River near the Holt Lock and Dam in Tuscaloosa County.

Lew’s/Strike King announces Freshman Scholarships Awards

(August 14th, 2019) – After receiving dozens of applications from a very diverse field of high school anglers, Lew’s and Strike King are proud to announce that five very deserving students have been selected as this year’s scholarship winners.

Winning a championship on a national stage is a rare occurrence, the pinnacle of bass-fishing success at the high school level.

By Greg McCain

Given the fleeting nature of high school careers and packed, highly competitive tournament fields, only the best anglers get to heft the trophy on the final day. Only select teams even get to compete for a title, much less earn the opportunity to repeat as champions.

Piping installation blamed for pollution that killed tens of thousands of fish

An open letter posted by the company says about 220,000 gallons of partially treated wastewater was released. The waste reached the Black Warrior River’s Mulberry Fork, where nearly 200,000 fish were killed.

ATTENTION: Fishing Product Companies-Small, Medium or Large

Exposure to over 30,000 bass anglers a month for an attractively small price!

A look back with Charlie Brewer, Sr.

In the 70s we had a TV fishing show, “Southern Fishing”. That was how all the Southern Fishing websites, newspaper, and email news began before the new age of social pages et. al. came around (desktop and laptop computers as well).

The TV show gave us the opportunity to meet some great people and learn a lot more about fishing.

Have you been there?

Will you survive a boating accident?

The bass boat was on plane, running around 60 MPH, heading out of Elk River on Wheeler Lake. In a micro-second, the bow jerked to the side when the steering cable severed. Both anglers were instantly ejected from the boat.

Alabama Fish Consumption Advisories 2019

The Alabama Department of Public Health has issued an updated Alabama Fish Consumption Advisories for 2019. There are some very important fish consumption advisories such as “eat not fish at all” from certain creeks/tributaries due to mercury and/or PFOS and PFOA which are considered cancer-causing chemicals that do not deteriorate over time in water. The PFOS and PFOA chemicals tend to be stored in fish and accumulate in humans as well per EPA studies.

Included in this posting are the advisory charts for Alabama Area 1. At the bottom of these posted charts is a link to the entire State Advisory in PDF format,